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    • Ideal for demolition work like shattering concrete (demolition face) or driving stakes and wedges (driving face)
    • Wedged demolition face concentrates force for up to 5X more destructive power than traditional designs and directs debris to the sides, not back at you
    • Extra-large diameter driving face improves strike accuracy
    • Patented IsoCore™ Shock Control System absorbs strike shock and vibration to reduce the punishment your body takes, transferring 2X less shock and vibration than wood handles
    • Insulation sleeve captures initial strike shock before it can reach your hand
    • Dual-layer handle features a specially formulated combination of insulating materials to dampen lingering vibration and a steel reinforcement sleeve to help protect against overstrike damage
    • Inseparable riveted head will not slide down or snap off, even when swinging with maximum force
    • Handle flare keeps the tool firmly in hand when swinging
    • Softgrip® handle features a sculpted profile to fit the natural shape of your hand
    • Patent-pending, strategic handle texturing features large dimples where fingers rest for maximum grip and small dimples where the palm rests to help prevent blisters
    • Forged, heat-treated steel is finished with a rust-resistant coating
    • Tested to exceed ISO and international standards for striking tool durability
    • Length: 36"
    • Weight: 10 lb.

Fiskars 36in Sledge Hammer

SKU: 222-2017-02
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