25 Beautiful Patios


There are many uses for an outdoor patio. Patios can be used for dining, cooking, socializing, relaxing, playing and much more. There are also a large variety of patio styles and products available to match your dream and your home perfectly.

J&D Penner is ready to help you create the perfect design for your yard and your needs, take a look at some of our previous work for inspiration.

A Backyard Oasis


It may be a little chilly outside for pool parties and suntanning but we hope this backyard oasis reminds you of Winnipeg’s beautiful summers!

J&D Penner helped transform this yard into a beautiful masterpiece complete with an incredible paving stone pool deck, patios, firepit, retaining walls and gorgeous walkways. Big or small our team can help turn your yard into an oasis to soak up every minute of summertime. Start dreaming now…it’ll be summer soon enough!

A Closer Look at the Stone Oasis Pizza Oven from Barkman

A well-made, authentic wood-fired pizza is one of the simple pleasures in life. The high heat generated by wood-fired ovens results in a taste that simply cannot be replicated using a standard electric oven. With the This shape pulls the flame up and towards the vent which in turn, allows the oven to heat quickly and evenly. Under normal circumstances, the Stone Oasis Pizza Oven will be heated and ready to cook pizza in 90 minutes; well under high-grade refractory cement, allowing it to withstand the most extreme temperatures achievable through natural wood-burning (around 950ºC). Through extensive testing and research, we created a low-domed hearth with a pronounced front opening.with and the ability to hold high heat. The dome itself is made barkman“When we set out to build a pizza oven for the 2013 kit collection, two attributes were valued above all others; the ability to Stone Oasis Pizza Oven, now you can have that gourmet experience in your own backyard. Here’s what Barkman had to say about their pizza oven: distribute air flow the time a traditional barrel vault oven takes to warm up. At cooking temperature (370ºC and above) a pizza will cook in under two minutes, so don’t walk away!
Of course, a pizza oven is more than just the dome. The kit incorporates a wood box right into the design, and a rain cap and sparks arrestor which attaches to the oven chimney. The horizontal surfaces including the arches are made with
wet-cast concrete.”
&D Penner is proud to supply Barkman Products in Winnipeg. Please visit our Showroom at 2560 McGillivray Blvd. to find out more about the Oasis Pizza Oven from Barkman.

A Patio Built for Entertaining


J&D Penner was excited to help design and build this incredible Winnipeg backyard, it is truly an entertaining paradise! Classic pavers were used to create a wide patio space, perfect for big dinner parties and enjoying the hot tub.

J&D Penner also helped create the peaceful walkway and retaining wall surrounding the focus point of the backyard – the gorgeous gazebo.

Backyard Dream: Poolside Retreat with Paving Stone Pool Deck and Bar

We are excited to start showing you some of our favourite projects from last summer and hope they inspire your own dream backyard!
This backyard is a perfect example of how you can take a regular yard that typically has some sod and not much else to it when you purchase your home and turn it into your own amazing poolside retreat complete with an outdoor bar. Paving stone pool decks are a fabulous way to make your pool look amazing and they last for many, many years with very little
. Give us a call today to chat about paving stone pool decks, patios or any other backyard paving stone projects you are thinking about for the summer.

Beautiful Backyard Transformation


J&D Penner is ready to transform any backyard into the perfect paradise!

Here’s a great backyard transformation to show you how paving stone and landscaping can make your yard spectacular and useful.

Beautiful Paving Stone Patio in this Winnipeg Backyard

Paving stone helped create the rustic look desired for this beautiful Winnipeg backyard.

J&D Penner helped create the beautiful paving stone patio, steps and sidewalk that helped finish this backyard and give the homeowners a beautiful space to enjoy the outdoors with their family and friends for many years to come.

Using paving stone also means there is little to no maintenace and the durability of the paving stone will last for many years to come.

Central Park is a Wonderful Park J&D Penner was Proud to Help Build!

J&D Penner has over 30 years of paving stone, concrete, and building expertise and we love that we work on individual homes as well as many large commercial projects. This project help transformed downtown Winnipeg and provided a gorgeous green space, playground, and splash park for families to enjoy.

J&D Penner was proud to be a part of this project and to help leave a mark on Winnipeg. We hope you get out with your family and enjoy Central Park along with the many wonderful Winnipeg playgrounds, and splash pads around the city. Note: The Central Park Splash Pad opens July 1, 2013, all others are already open.

Commercial Paving Stone Gallery

Here are a few of our favourite commercial projects and photos from 2014. J&D Penner has been a leader in commercial paving stone for over 30 years. As a business you can be confident that J&D Penner will deliver the results you want as they draw upon years of experience and satisfied clients in the commercial industry. J&D Penner has worked on major projects for clients such as The University of Manitoba, The Forks, The University of Winnipeg and many others.

Commercial Signs with Impact

J&D Penner is ready to create bold, beautiful custom signs using concrete, brick and rock.

Our signs make a statement and are extremely durable.

Design Idea: Beautiful Mix of Pavers and Limestone

Rustic red pavers bring a look of structure and sophistication, but this Winnipeg homeowner had J&D Penner take the classic paving stone look one step further with the addition of limestone.

The red brick and limestone create a truly unique and beautiful design that matches this home perfectly. Never be afraid to try something different, our design experts can help you create the perfect masterpiece for your home.

Don’t Miss this Modern Pool Deck

J&D Penner was excited to help these Winnipeggers turn their back yard into an incredible outdoor oasis with a new modern pool deck.

J&D Penner’s design team worked with the homeowners to develop a look that was clean and modern in order to match with their home. The results were a pool deck that was modern, clean, and durable.

Driveway Spotlight

Nothing add more beauty and curb-appeal to a home than the classic look of natural stone.

J&D Penner loves helping Winnipeg homeowners turn their home into a beautiful masterpiece through the installation of a durable paving stone driveway. This is great example of how beautiful a stone driveway looks!

Driveway Spotlight: Barkman Paving Stone & JD Penner Makes it Happen

J&D Penner is pleased to install Barkman Concrete’s product for all of it’s paving stone projects. Barkman Concrete provides quality concrete pavers that create a beautiful aesthtetic like this gorgeous driveway.

J&D Penner is ready to help you transform your home, contact us today and we can help you design the perfect driveway and choose the perfect paving stone to achieve the look you want.

Easy Turf for your Backyard

With Spring “technically” here, it’s a good time to start dreaming about enjoying your backyard and planning for any projects you want to get done outside. We are always designing and installing amazing projects with paving stone or concrete, but we also offer something unique called Easy Turf.

This product is perfect for the golf enthusiast in your family. Here are some great examples of how we can install this amazing product in your own backyard.

King’s Park – Carol Shield’s Memorial Labyrinth

Kings Park is a very unique space in Winnipeg and J&D Penner was proud to be a part of building and creating Carol Shield’s Memorial labyrinth and the beautiful Pagoda Gardens at the centre of the park.


King’s Park borders the red river and it’s a great place to bring the whole family (including your furry family members) as you’ll find everything from gravel and paved paths, marshlands, soccer fields, baseball diamonds and an off-leash dog park area.

Luxurious Driveway

This driveway is truly a unique masterpiece! J&D Penner helped transform this homeowners vision for an opulent and grand entrance to their home with a mix of concrete and classic paving stone.

The sky is the limit with J&D Penner and we can help you transform the look of your home, whether you want some classic, luxurious or modern.

Modern Condo’s, Modern Walkways

Wellington Avenue is a beautiful part of Winnipeg and J&D Penner had the privilege of transforming the walkways to these condo’s into a modern masterpiece.

We used a mix of charcoal paving stone and concrete to create a sophisticated but edgy entrance to these homes.

Modern Paving Stone

J&D Penner had a great time helping these Winnipeg homeowners translate their modern style into their driveway and landscaping and the results speak for themselves.

With such a unique and modern home we worked carefully with the homeowners to choose the right paving stone and design the retaining walls and driveways to integrate seamlessly into the home and ensure it didn’t overpower the fabulous architecture.

Modern Winnipeg Paving Stone Patio

Paving stone can take on many styles including classic, rustic and modern. This Winnipeg homeowner wanted a modern touch to their backyard and we created a beautiful paving stone patio and sidewalk to finish off their yard.


You can check find out more about paving stone and the right design for your yard by coming down to our Yard Decor store or sending us an email. We love helping turn your dreams into beautiful outdoor spaces

Nellie McClung Monument at the Manitoba Legislative Grounds

J&D Penner was honoured to work on a project that respects and pays tribute to an extraordinary woman who played a pivotal role in Canadian history. J&D Penner was a part of building the monument on the grounds of the Manitoba Legislative Building, laying the foundation, stone, and concrete needed. The statue shows Nellie McClung and the four other feminists of the so-called Famous Five — Emily Murphy, Irene Parlby, Louise McKinney and Henrietta Muir Edwards — who were responsible for making women “persons” under the law. The statue was sculpted by Winnipeg artist Helen Granger Young.

Old World Charm: Custom Paving Stone Patio

There is nothing like the look and feel of paving stone, it has the ability to look sleek and modern or full of character and old-world charm!
We had a great time working with these Winnipeg homeowners on designing a custom paving stone patio and retaining wall for their backyard that felt like it had been there for hundreds of years already. The patio and retaining wall J
&D Penner built added incredible character to this already beautiful backyard and allowed the homeowners to spend even more time outside over summer. The old-world look and feel of the patio and retaining walls worked beautifully with the trees and homeowners amazing antiques. We love creating custom paving stone projects like this!
There really are endless possibilities with paving stone, stop by our showroom or give us a call today, we’d love to chat about your own vision for your backyard and help you create the custom look you need

Paving Stone Inspiration: Sidewalks, Patios, Steps and More!

Take a look at some of our favorite jobs from the past summer. We love working with homeowners in Winnipeg to transform their backyard into a beautiful piece of paradise.

J&D Penner has over 30 years of experience installing paving stone throughout Winnipeg and our mission is to provide the best customer service and experience in the city. If you’re looking at updating your yard this summer come down to our Yard Decor Store and chat with one of our designers.

Retaining Wall Examples

Looking for some backyard inspiration?

J&D Penner has been working at transforming backyards since 1971 and today we’re sharing some great retaining wall examples.

Retaining walls are structures designed to restrain soil or unnatural slopes. They can also be used for decorative purpose and to add depth to your yard.

Skatepark & Playground

J&D Penner not only works on residential projects but we also have a strong commercial division which brings over 30 years of experience to concrete, paving stone and playground projects.

This Winnipeg skatepark and playground is a great example of the work of our concrete division. If you’re in the neighbourhood this summer make sure you check it out!

Spotlight: Landscaping Stairs and Steps

When it comes to creating steps and stairs in your landscaping project, there is quite a variety of options. The stairs you choose depends on your landscape style, taste, and budget.

Here are a few examples of J&D Penner’s work to get you dreaming. We’re always ready to help you create the perfect design for your own backyard, make sure to give us a call today.

St. Charles Country Club

St. Charles Country Club is a beautiful establishment in Winnipeg that was originally built in 1904 and has entertained thousands of people including the Governor General of Canada.

The golf course has been developed by several world-famous architects and J&D Penner was brought in to help improve the grounds at St. Charles Country Club. J&D Penner brought it’s expertise in paving stone and construction to the project and the results were handsome.

University of Manitoba

This was a massive commercial project that transformed the overall look of the University of Manitoba.

J&D Penner was proud to help the U of M achieve it’s goals and elevate it’s look and function for many years to come.

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